Team 5

Zero-carbon mobility at the point of use!

Project Update

Team 5: “Our idea is to replace the current company vehicles with electric or hybrid cars and build charging stations. Our goal was to convince management by means of data and a cost breakdown that our project makes economic and environmental sense, and that it would pay for itself over time. We did a lot of research on the internet and asked around within the company.  Our goal was to realize all potential benefits and discounts.”

Which aspects of your topic have already been implemented within the company?
We found that if you include the charging stations, the costs are higher than for gasoline and diesel vehicles. But if you consider the transport tax rebates, financial support from the canton, and the favorable charging costs, then driving eco-friendly cars is worthwhile.

What are the reasons for the status quo?
We just wanted to prove that it was worth making this change via relevant data and a cost breakdown. It’s up to the management to decide whether our project has convinced them.

What was your highlight?
During the project we had the opportunity to work with the CEO of IGP.

What was your biggest hurdle?
Accurately defining the costs, as the company has many different company cars.

What would you do differently next time?
Next time, we would work/talk with more people who are particularly knowledgeable in this area.

What have you learned? What will you take away from this experience?
How to tackle a big task as a team and overcome many hurdles along the way. We have learned that within our own environment there are lots of helpful people who want to help and are interested.

And that we should ideally wait for the right time to buy new company vehicles. We should only do so when the existing company cars are no longer viable and need to be replaced. Then these purchases would make more sense. The costs for the charging stations are high. After a few years, it all evens out, as very high gasoline costs are avoided.

Our results at a glance …

Our team has focused intensively on the topic of electromobility at IGP over the past few weeks. We found out what company cars are currently in use at IGP. We then did some research as a team and drew up a comparison. The idea is to compare the current use of company vehicles with an alternative model that could be adopted in future. The goal of this comparison is to find out more about the use of electric cars and show that they are worthwhile.

Our team found the myclimate Company Challenge fascinating. The team really gelled and that helped us make great progress. We also loved Dominik and Mischa’s input. For example, they managed to give us the confidence that we can actually still stop climate change. We can’t wait to start our project.

Team 5 is focusing on electromobility at IGP. Besides our company cars, IGP also operates a fleet of pool and haulage vehicles, which the team believes could be replaced by electric or hybrid vehicles in the medium to long term. The first step will be to determine the potential ecological and economic benefits for IGP of switching to electric vehicles.

What do the Company Challenge and combating climate change mean to you?

“I hope that together we can come up with creative projects that make a difference and help protect the environment. Personally, I’ve been a vegetarian for three years, and I think the issue of environmental protection is very important.”

“Recycling is important to me, and also taking vacations without flying. Turning off lights, keeping an eye on the heating, recycling bottles … I’m looking forward to understanding more about how important our actions are and what we can do specifically as a company to better protect the environment.”

“Personally, I make sure I dispose of the trash properly. Apart from that, I don’t really do much yet. However, I hope this project will teach me how to improve my habits both at work and personally to help combat climate change.”