Team 4 is looking at IGP’s water consumption and, of course, ways to reduce it. After some initial research, they have determined that a lot of water could be saved, especially in the sanitary facilities as some of them are damaged and therefore no longer watertight. Repairs to defective parts and optimized toilet flushing could help to reduce the amount of drinking water that is lost. However, this topic is multifaceted – there are various ways in which water could be saved. For example, the team has also come up with the idea of installing pushbuttons on faucets throughout the company, so that the water automatically shuts off after use.

The first step is to analyze our current water and wastewater consumption and identify areas with the greatest potential for improvement. The team will then draw up proposals to determine which measures can be implemented within the project in the short term, and which are suitable for reducing IGP’s water consumption in the medium to long term.