Team 1 has set itself the goal of improving IGP’s solvent-free status by significantly reducing the use of acetone in the lab. Acetone is currently used for efficient and effective cleaning of machinery and equipment. IGP has already made progress in this area, having reduced our acetone consumption by more than half over the last five years. In the past, these measures mainly focused on production, which is why the team now plans to focus on the lab, where they have identified additional potential for using less acetone.

As a first step, the team aims to analyze our acetone consumption over recent years in more detail. Since the production team has already been successful in reducing the amount of acetone it uses, it makes sense to follow the example set there by scrutinizing these measures. One idea is to alter the cleaning process for the extruders in the lab; for example by using water instead of acetone. For this purpose, initial trials will take place and possibly also a pilot project as the next step.