Since the last project day and the interim presentations, our team has continued working on our ideas and begun carrying out practical experiments in the lab. The aim of these experiments was to find a new way to efficiently clean our machines using little or no acetone. We had various ideas for solutions to this. Unfortunately, we had some trouble with our idea, but we have now gathered a lot of information and are back on track. The first tests have been carried out; some unsuccessful, some successful. This has enabled us to rule out some of our ideas and we are now making progress. Our next goal will be to find out if it is possible to mix the acetone with water. This will ensure fairly rapid evaporation. We are considering trying the whole process with just the mill for now, as the extruder is heated to 100°C.

In this picture you can see our idea of permanently placing a rag inside the acetone containers. In our experiment, we poured 103.6 g of acetone into each of two containers. There was a rag in one container and not in the other. After 10 minutes, we weighed the containers and found that the container with the rag had evaporated around 33% more slowly. Unfortunately, the experiment failed because we cannot achieve a major improvement in this way.