Our team has focused intensively on the topic of electromobility at IGP over the past few weeks. We found out what company cars are currently in use at IGP. We then did some research as a team and drew up a comparison. The idea is to compare the current use of company vehicles with an alternative model that could be adopted in future. The goal of this comparison is to find out more about the use of electric cars and show that they are worthwhile.

Our team found the myclimate Company Challenge fascinating. The team really gelled and that helped us make great progress. We also loved Dominik and Mischa’s input. For example, they managed to give us the confidence that we can actually still stop climate change. We can’t wait to start our project.

Team 5 is focusing on electromobility at IGP. Besides our company cars, IGP also operates a fleet of pool and haulage vehicles, which the team believes could be replaced by electric or hybrid vehicles in the medium to long term. The first step will be to determine the potential ecological and economic benefits for IGP of switching to electric vehicles.