Our team had set itself the goal of digitizing the formulas documented on paper that are used in our laboratory. Over the last few weeks we have worked hard on our project and are already nearing our goal. However, we also encountered some difficulties as it wasn’t initially clear to us why using tablets wouldn’t work. After a long discussion with IT, this was explained to us and we now understand the situation. We subsequently developed three alternative solutions, which we are now pursuing. It’s fun to work as a group because we are a great team and are good at allocating the various tasks.

We enjoyed the day very much, it was really interesting and we learned a lot. Mischa and Dominik did a great job of organizing everything. Listening to them was easy – they explained the topic well and always gave us good examples. The little games we played between the serious stuff gave us a chance to recharge our batteries. But what we enjoyed most was the exhibition, because we could look at the posters in our own time and also ask lots of questions. The experiment with vinegar was also really interesting. We’re already looking forward to the second project day.

Team 3 is tackling the digitalization of powder formulas in the lab. When weighing out the raw materials for our powder coatings, our lab staff currently uses formulas printed out on paper. The printouts are only used for a short time and are then shredded. The team plans to reduce the use of paper in the lab by equipping its staff and/or the lab itself with laptops or tablets that will provide digital access to the formulas.