Over the last few weeks our team has been identifying areas where IGP has the greatest potential to save energy or electricity. We are currently working on a poster that we have created ourselves to raise employee awareness of this issue. In addition, we are putting together a PowerPoint. We still have some unanswered questions and are waiting for a colleague to email us the answers. It’s great to see our project taking shape. We are working very well as a team and really enjoying the collaboration. We are confident that our machines will also be allowed to take “coffee breaks” in the future, thus saving energy.

We especially liked the atmosphere. The talks were very open and we felt comfortable. Some very good examples gave us a better understanding of the various structures and facts. We also got fantastic support from myclimate, who answered all our questions.

Team 2 is looking at possible energy saving measures at IGP. They have identified significant potential in the machines, systems, and devices that run permanently even when not in use. By switching off equipment at off-peak times or when they are idle, it should be possible to save a large amount of energy in the lab and production areas. In view of rising electricity prices, the team also views this as an interesting project for IGP from an economic perspective.