Since the last project day and the interim presentations, our team has continued working on our ideas and begun carrying out practical experiments in the lab. The aim of these experiments was to find a new way to efficiently clean our machines using little or no acetone. We had various ideas for solutions to this. Unfortunately, we had some trouble with our idea, but we have now gathered a lot of information and are back on track. The first tests have been carried out; some unsuccessful, some successful. This has enabled us to rule out some of our ideas and we are now making progress. Our next goal will be to find out if it is possible to mix the acetone with water. This will ensure fairly rapid evaporation. We are considering trying the whole process with just the mill for now, as the extruder is heated to 100°C.

Over the last few weeks our team has been identifying areas where IGP has the greatest potential to save energy or electricity. We are currently working on a poster that we have created ourselves to raise employee awareness of this issue. In addition, we are putting together a PowerPoint. We still have some unanswered questions and are waiting for a colleague to email us the answers. It’s great to see our project taking shape. We are working very well as a team and really enjoying the collaboration. We are confident that our machines will also be allowed to take “coffee breaks” in the future, thus saving energy.

Our team had set itself the goal of digitizing the formulas documented on paper that are used in our laboratory. Over the last few weeks we have worked hard on our project and are already nearing our goal. However, we also encountered some difficulties as it wasn’t initially clear to us why using tablets wouldn’t work. After a long discussion with IT, this was explained to us and we now understand the situation. We subsequently developed three alternative solutions, which we are now pursuing. It’s fun to work as a group because we are a great team and are good at allocating the various tasks.

Our team set out to analyze and reduce IGP’s water consumption. We are currently in the process of planning our next steps. Since our project won’t have a major financial impact, we are developing ideas on how to stimulate sustainable thinking among our colleagues. We are creating graphics and realistic comparisons, and showing that the financial aspect is not the only one that matters. We are currently trying to start a pilot project with the aim of defining a set of targets. This will allow us to put some clear facts on the table and consolidate and confirm our targets on the basis of concrete readings.

Our team has focused intensively on the topic of electromobility at IGP over the past few weeks. We found out what company cars are currently in use at IGP. We then did some research as a team and drew up a comparison. The idea is to compare the current use of company vehicles with an alternative model that could be adopted in future. The goal of this comparison is to find out more about the use of electric cars and show that they are worthwhile.

Sustainability has been a key issue at IGP Powder Coatings for many years.

Our team found the myclimate Company Challenge fascinating. The team really gelled and that helped us make great progress. We also loved Dominik and Mischa’s input. For example, they managed to give us the confidence that we can actually still stop climate change. We can’t wait to start our project.

At the start of the workshop, we felt kind of overwhelmed by a topic and project that seemed virtually impossible. But Mischa and Dominik used some really good methods to help us understand climate change. The discussions based on the items in the “museum” gave us some new insights and showed up different points of view. In the end, we felt so well prepared for our project that we came up with lots of ideas for improvements. Our team enjoyed Mischa and Dominik’s presentation very much. It’s motivated us to start a project and see it through with their support.

We enjoyed the day very much, it was really interesting and we learned a lot. Mischa and Dominik did a great job of organizing everything. Listening to them was easy – they explained the topic well and always gave us good examples. The little games we played between the serious stuff gave us a chance to recharge our batteries. But what we enjoyed most was the exhibition, because we could look at the posters in our own time and also ask lots of questions. The experiment with vinegar was also really interesting. We’re already looking forward to the second project day.

We especially liked the atmosphere. The talks were very open and we felt comfortable. Some very good examples gave us a better understanding of the various structures and facts. We also got fantastic support from myclimate, who answered all our questions.