Climate protection in professional training

Mitigating climate change – a matter close to IGP’s heart

At IGP Powder Coatings, sustainability is a path that we pursue across the board – rather than merely cherry-picking the initiatives that suit us best. Our core activities are already characterized by a high degree of sustainability – we produce powder coatings designed to last. Our coatings protect objects from corrosion and vastly increase the service life of buildings.

Another eco-friendly aspect of our business is the fact that our powder coatings are solvent-free. In addition, we are reducing our electricity consumption by 2% annually and continuously refining our range of low-temperature powders. Low-temperature curing means our customers’ curing ovens use less energy when coating surfaces, and coating times are much shorter.

Apprentices contribute ideas to combat climate change
Through the Company Challenge, IGP Powder Coatings is now going one step further: We are inviting our second and third-year apprentices to contribute their own ideas to help reduce our company’s carbon footprint. They can focus on any aspect of our business – energy savings, more efficient use of resources, cutting process times, avoiding waste, recycling raw materials and products, etc.

Rethinking the future
The best initiatives and ideas don’t always come from the top. Our youngest employees are our future and will inherit this single, unique planet that we all must share. We are convinced that, given the chance, they will come up with new, more effective ways to protect the Earth.

When you visit this website, we hope you will follow the progress of our Company Challenge. It runs from October 2021 to March 2022, and you can find regular updates on these pages. Needless to say, we are confident that the resulting projects will have an impact far beyond the Challenge’s end date.